Collections were same as the day 1 for Salman Khan Starrer

So the collections were in the same range as it was on the day 1 for the Dabangg 3. Salman Khan Starrer movie faced a lot of Boxoffice loss due to the on-going protests in the country. It was 24.50 crore on the day 1 for the movie which are very good numbers but as it is a Salman khan Starrer, the numbers are quite low. Day 2 was same in the range as 24.75 crore came in. A jump is expected on sunday but it would be intresting to see how big the jump is going to be. 

Day Wise Collections:

  • Friday: 24.50 crore
  • Saturday: 24.75 crore
  • Total: 49.25 crore

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