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Coronavirus Latest Update: Pateint Count reaches 39 in India.


The Kerala Health Minister confirmed that five people in the state are positive, Count has reached 39 in India.

With more than 35 confirmed cases of coronavirus reported to date in India, combating the deadly virus includes not only reducing its spread, but also reducing rumors and misinformation. The Kerala Health Minister confirmed that five other people in the state had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been placed in an isolated room. Three of them have recently returned from Italy and two are their relatives, all five are under surveillance. According to Reuters, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in mainland China reached 80,695, and the total number of confirmed coronavirus deaths was 3,097 at the end of March, according to Reuters. China reported the lowest number of COVID-19 infections since January. Almost all 44 new cases of coronavirus were reported only in the Wuhan epicenter. The 27 deaths were also due to Wuhan and were the lowest in more than a month.


Meanwhile, the MEA’s efforts led by S. Jaishankar are proving to be good for Indian citizens stranded in Iran after the massive epidemic in the Islamic Republic. A Mahan Air flight from Tehran is expected to land in New Delhi, with specimens collected by the Indians from a previous storage facility established by India. People who were negative for Covid-19 infection were immediately evacuated from Iran and returned to India. The government had decided to transport swab samples from the 300 Iranian citizens to verify whether they were infected or not.


The giants of social networks Facebook and Twitter have taken significant measures to curb the flow of spurious information about coronaviruses through their platforms. Facebook operated by Mark Zuckerberg has announced that it will raise awareness about the coronavirus and control false news about the contagious virus. Twitter has disabled suggestions when searching for coronavirus on its platform to prevent users from accessing accounts that contains misleading information.

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